Nonexistent Knight Postmodernism Essay

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The term postmodernism is used a lot with the analysis of characters of The Nonexistent Knight and the story. Postmodernism is the acceptance that the world lacks true creativity, that reality is fragmented, and the belief that all communication is shaped by cultural bias, myth, metaphor, and political content. So basically, it is the realization of the world being biased and lack of true creativity. An example of this would be Gurduloo and how he is the opposite of what society wants him to be. He is seen as a postmodernist character due to his opposite reactions to what society has taught us to follow and be. A real life example of this is that humans aren’t creators in the eyes of Christians, only God can create. Humans can be influenced…show more content…
I must avenge my father, you know ” (Calvino 16) to shows us how society plays a role in their lives and how they are built to believe a specific ideal and have to follow it. We can also see how authority is dealt with each character. Some authority figures are the emperor Charlemagne, codes of chivalry, fathers or even religion. All of these authority figures equal to the ideals of society, which contributes to the characters ways of thinking and how they perceive other things like truth and identity. For example, Torrismund was the only character who questioned Agilulf’s validity in saying things, “Non sense! All tales… Neither he exists nor the things he does nor what he says, nothing, nothings at all …” (Calvino 69), yet he still says and believes in the knights of the Holy Grail because it’s what society has made him think that is normal. In the same fashion Gurduloo has a perspective on life that is outside of the modern perspectives. That is why certain people can define him as being insane, because he chooses to dwell outside of society. Raimbaut says to Gurduloo "Why don't you make him realize that all isn't soup and put an end to this saraband of
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