Nonfiction: A Personal Journal Analysis

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I have a background in journalism, specifically, political journalism. So, I’m used to nonfiction. However, once the word creative slides in, I get confused and overwhelmed in a sea of emotions and feelings. I stayed on the side of politics and policy due to the lack of emotion involved – and if my critique from peers serves as any indication, I lack a certain touch of sensitivity. I don’t like writing about myself, and I really don’t like writing fluffy pieces filled with maudlin ramblings of past experiences. I’m a thinker – if anyone is familiar with Myers-Briggs typology, I’m an INTP – and like to read and write things that stimulate my intellectual curiosities.
The funny thing is, I mostly read nonfiction, mostly historical and informative. Therein lies my problem with creative nonfiction, I’m a very internal person but I would rather dwell on other things. With that said, I did enjoy this class and the writing experience. For me, it was a test to take something inherently emotional and try to flip it to the intellectual. Did I succeed? I’m honestly not sure. While the peer reviews were positive, I did get feedback with the dreaded comment that I lacked some sort of emotional attachment, which disappoints me on some level. I think that my issue with that comment was that I think if allowed more room, I could have
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I don’t plan, I write freely and badly until I edit away my nonsense and find the thread that keeps it together. That may not be technically right, but that’s how I work. I feel boxed in by any sort of outline as the creative process can sometimes go in strange directions, but when there’s an outline I feel the need to stick to it and that stifles my writing. But hey, we all have to do things we don’t like every now and then. Overall, I enjoyed the class and learned more about my likes and dislikes, and that’s the point of class, to learn
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