Nonny De La Pena Essay

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In Nonny de la Pena’s (2015) TED Talk presentation, she talks about the idea of virtual reality and how it can be used through the media. She explains how people watch the news every day for information on what’s going happening in today’s world however, Virtual Reality can expose people to the actual feeling and emotion by being there in projection.
Nonny de la Pena states “I can put you on scene in the middle of the story”, through Virtual Reality. “It’s an experience you can remember with your entire body and not just with your mind”. One specific piece she worked on was about refugee kids and how they were most affected by the Syrian Civil War. It began as any other normal day in Syria when a young girl was singing and a bomb goes off.
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I would play a videogame called Yu-Gi-Oh and it was about dueling cards. You could either play with another online player or an animated character. It felt like I was actually playing against another person and was very engaging and lifelike. The movie I watched was called The Matrix which was about a man named Thomas A. Anderson would lead a double life. By day he was an average computer programmer and by night he was referred to as Neo, a computer hacker who must help people that are imprisoned in an artificial reality known as the Matrix. Both of these are examples of VR and represent how people and I take VR back into our lives to express and inform people what we believe to be a different form of reality.
In conclusion, Virtual Reality comes from many different places and in many different forms. Whether it be from the media, playing a videogame or even just everyday life experiences. The thought and construction that are put into making these pieces have made an impact to people and all of these examples of Virtual Reality have helped begin a new way for people to look at journalism. The main idea is to “feel as if you were in the middle of something you normally see on TV
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