Nonprofit Health Organization: Elwyn Case Study

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The nonprofit health organization for this week is called Elwyn. Elwyn is a human service organization, serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals.
Elywn’s a mission and core values. Their mission statement is “Through personal commitment, collective talent, and innovation, Elwyn supports individuals with diverse challenges in shaping distinctive, meaningful lives.”
Their core values are:
• Integrity -We want the fact and value the truth.
• High Expectations – Our performance is unrivaled.
• Safety – We protect physical and emotional safety for all.
• Accountability – We are all in and focused on results.
• Sustainability – Elwyn’s mission is essential to the world.
Elwyn was founded in 1852 by Dr. Alfred L. Elwyn a physician from Delaware
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They provide educational and health services to children who are deaf, have Autism, a developmental delays or who is mentally challenged. Elwyn provide services from the age of three to age twenty-one. The Pennsylvania locations services Philadelphia, Media and Aston.
Elwyn provide a number of services to children and some adults.
1. Behavioral Health provides children with mental illnesses or social and behavioral challenges to learn how to become independent and to maximize their potential to be productive in their community.
2. Deaf Services provides for the deaf, by providing them with information, referral and being an advocate. There main focus is the elderly deaf people. The provide a community living called the Baltimore House.
3. Autism Resource Community offers a therapeutic learning environment with trained staff who understand working with children with Autism.
4. Early Childhood education provides early learning for children who are having a developmental delay and for children with special need through their Elywn Seeds program.
5. Health Services is provided for individuals who they serve. They offer dental service, therapeutic service, genetic testing, nursing service and
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