Nonprofit Marketing

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The most important aspect of Non-Profit marketing to achieve success is setting the right strategy. Nonprofit marketing is different compared to business marketing. Business marketing exists to make a profit with low effort and cost but nonprofit marketing does not. Typically, nonprofit marketing is known for stellar marketing strategies but there are some representative characteristics. The main purpose of nonprofit marketing is to connect with right targets. They recognize the power of investing time and energy in marketing to spread their message and purpose, build a royalty of specific brand, and obtain donations. To be more effective, using social media and SNS (Social Network Service) is the most important and effective. Therefore, the most…show more content…
People share their thoughts, experiences in SNS. By using SNS, it would create positive influence when people find out others doing something good such as donation to the third-world country kids. Charity: water is an excellent example at using social media to encourage people to fund on their online platform. They posted the stories through their SNS site and showed number of fundraisers. Also showing the information of the person who donated and this makes people more aligned with others. Also creating engaging contents and apps allows participants to invite their social circles to take part in.
March of Dimes is also good example. Since 1938, they have helped to save thousands of babies. They made a difference compared to other companies by showing lots of inspirational and life-changing stories to the public. They used blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to share the stories on online community. This helps to raise awareness and results in raising the rate of funding contributions. Also they let people share their own stories online. By allowing people to share their stories, they succeed to create a content that aligns with its
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