Nonprofit Organization

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NPO OBJECTIVE Try to make profit to support their operation and fund its mission RECOMMENDATION Service Need to define the distinct benefits to be offered and communicated to the donors PRODUCT CSR program of corporate (show our differentiation point) message PRICE Fundraising for donation still have more opportunity for the organization. Annual fund appeals? Special events? Memberships? Extend the strategy of corporate donations Cause-related marketing – budget constraint???? Background of the organization (1/2 page) History (Non-financial Objectives) Mick 1. What is your true inspiration to start up the idea of helping blind people? 2. Any story to tell? Any struggles? 3. What is you company objective…show more content…
Moreover, each blind organization has different objective and services due to the specialty of the organization. Competitive Advantage (1 page) * What are the main ways that firm achieve competitive advantage * What are the main sources of this firm’s competitive advantage Blind sense? * Main trends that characterize the industry * Major forces that are impacting the firm An organization is like an iceberg. Most of it is invisible below the water line. Invisible cultural issues affect every action, conversation or information exchange in organizations. That is why segmentation become important in order to create demand, hit the insights, and even change the third parties’ behavior to meet and support organizations’ objective. they do compete with each other. The non-profit manager must acquire resources and decide how the organization is to be financed. The competition among non-profit organizations still need to be in concern as some non-profit organizations can overlooked their competition. Multiple Parties of Consumers & Consumers Behavior (3 page) For the non-profit organization we can divide them into two main sources of donation, which are the people who donate the money and people who volunteer their times to do social services. In this case, the giver side of this organization tends to be relatively higher on the volunteer side than the donation side. Donor The 10-percent donation from the donors who mostly are from the
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