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Research Question: What methods do other nonprofit organizations utilize to successfully partner with school districts?

Ways in Which Non-Profits Partner With Schools
The main goal of a non-profit organization’s (NPO) existence is the idea that all the wealth and money accumulated in the business should be used to further a specific social cause, or to advocate their point of view. According to, the non-profit section of the United States economy is estimated at $905.9 Billion, which is equal to 5.4% of the United States GDP. The recent emergence of the non-profit sector has propelled it as one of the great, untouched, markets in the global economy (McKeever, 2015). This research paper will uncover what specific methods other non-profits use to partner with school distracts.

Considering the fact that the safety of students is the main goal of the United States schooling system, the decision of implementing a non-profit must be focused on how the program will reach a wide range of students and affect them in a positive way. After conducting research, our project team has discovered that non-profit organizations that have an effective partnership with schools implement methods that are interactive, innovative, and cost effective. Additionally,
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In a study conducted by Gen Z Guru, Jonah Stillman, 63% of Generation Z prefers face-to-face communication (Stillman, 2016). Although this statistic may look small at first glance, there is room for growth and improvement. In addition, according to the United Nations report in 2015, there is currently 2.53 billion Generation Zers in the global population (United Nations, 2015). After looking at both statistics together, over 1.6 billion members of this population want to be a part of a program that involves face-to-face
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