Nonprofit Organizations Interview Report

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There are several different types of nonprofit organizations, some are big and some are very small. I have interviewed an employee of a large nonprofit in the past. However, for this interview I chose a small nonprofit to gain a different perspective and to apply the organizational communication concepts we have learned in class. A career choice that I am considering, is in the field of nonprofit organizations. For this reason, I chose to interview June Early the Executive Director of Safe Alternatives For Everyone (S.A.F.E.), in Temecula, California.
S.A.F.E. works with children and families who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and violence. They provide services such as emergency assistance, restraining orders, counseling, resource
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Early about conflict and how she manages it in the organization, she stated that conflict rarely arises and due to the nature of the nonprofit everyone needs to work well together to meet the common goal of helping their clients. However, some conflict is inevitable and said she has an open door policy. She will listen to concerns and has always been able to come to a resolution. Ultimately, she has the final decision but big issues are resolved by the board. It is clear that her conflict style or in other words the organization's conflict style is that of collaborating/integration, win win. She mentioned several times how truly lucky she is to have such a great staff. According to the human resources approach people bring resources to the company and she appeared to use this…show more content…
I really admire June Early and feel like she must be an awesome person to work for. She has such a kind spirit and is so knowledgable. Furthermore, it is apparent that she is very dedicated to the S.A.F.E. organization. According to Charmaine Wilson’s 6 steps she is at number six, commitment; employee and employer expectations are met. I would love to work in such a positive organization however, not with this type of subject matter. Since they do not offer internships I am considering volunteering during the upcoming summer to gain some
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