Nonprofit Organizations: Non-Profit Research

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Research plan
Financial management in nonprofit organization
Nonprofit Organizations are supposed to be submitted to financial management principles, which govern all organizations. However it seems that most of the times, nonprofit organizations work in violation of these principles. The budget management and the respect of financial policies are the most challenge in nonprofit organizations. Since some stockholders who provide financial resources to nonprofit organizations are not more severe about financial management, nonprofit organizations have tendency to focalize their effort to the management of program and minimize the respect of financial principles.
Because resources are always limited, it is important for nonprofit organizations
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I will present the standard structure of financial service in nonprofit and show were resides the difference between nonprofit organizations and for profit organizations. I will also analyze the control system of nonprofit organization compare to that of for-profit organizations.
In the second point, I will explore some financial management problems meet by nonprofit organization and will analyze their causes. In this point I will examine the organization of financial service and the relationship between financial service and program services in no profit organization.
In the last point, I will provide some suggestion based on the results of my research and my knowledge and experience in that field.
During this research, I will analyze what financial scholars say about that topic also I will use my knowledge in finance and my experience in finance and program management to understand their viewpoint and to make my analysis. I will use the comparative method to make a parallelism between the financial management in nonprofit organization and for profit organization. This comparative method will allow me to identify the causes of weakness of financial management of nonprofit organization and suggest some possible

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