Nonprofit Tutoring Reflection

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For my service learning opportunity, I chose to help a nonprofit tutoring organization. I didn't tutor, but I did help format the website and used my English skills I've devolved from TOPS to make her message more clear to any viewers. I chose this opportunity because I know how many kids my age hate school and wish school didn't even exist, but I also know how badly kids in these third world countries dream of school. They dream of being able to know as much as we do even though we don't even know that much. They help the national communities of children between ages 3 - 19 to learn English, mathematics, science, and fine arts. They do this, yet they are a nonprofit organization, so they don't even make money off of this which I think is amazing.…show more content…
They originally used images uploaded to sites that expire images after a few days, so I used a long-term image uploader to fix their broken images and showed them how to do so as well. Along with this, I also simplified their website's language and tone to be intellectual yet comfortable, and most importantly, persuasive. Ms. Beck wanted, in her own words, "writing that is convincing in showing the need for personalized education and how we are helping solve this need," and I truly believe that's what I gave her. These improvements to her website increase the chances of people not thinking the website is a scam, tutors signing up to volunteer, and donors giving money to this insanely important
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