Nonresident Parents and Their Effects on Families Essay

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Nonresident Parent's Involvement and its Effect on the Family Members Divorce, single parenting, early pregnancy, are just some reasons for a parent not to be present in their families as a matter of fact its been said that almost half of the kids have had lived in a family where one of the parents for many different reasons had been missing. But is it different when parents are involved with their kids? What are the different effects that this causes on them both the kids and the parents? First, children's discipline is affected by the nonresident parent's situation. If the parents want to have a better control of their kids and if they continue to have contact with their children they may be able to maintain consistent discipline…show more content…
And they are more likely to have emotional crash downs In few studies it has been explored the level of the father's involvement what shows that if the father is highly involved the mothers are more satisfied and have less stress. Financial support is a really important part of the mother's satisfaction. If the mother receives economic support from the father it has been shown that these mothers are the most satisfied. It is also said that mothers who receive child support often want their kids to see their father more regularly these mothers were angry and resentful if the father had no contact. In other cases mothers get frustrated because they are unable to handle their children and their needs a mother who is stress out because the situation and see themselves without the backup of the father fall into depression and are unable to handle their child. This leads them to be careless and hopeless about the situation; in this case mothers are highly not satisfied. Finally the father's satisfaction is another effect of nonresident parents. In some families it's usual to see the mother interfering with the father's visitation, like not letting the father see the child or not respecting the hours of visitation or just obstructing the process. But this behavior is frequently denied by the mother. The father's satisfaction can be affected by the remarriage of the mother which makes it difficult for the father
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