Nonverbal Artifacts In The Hunger Games

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For my nonverbal artifact, I decided to do the mockingjay pin from the franchise, The Hunger Games. Throughout this paper, I will reference the original book, movie, and other sources to help explain its importance. Now if you have ever seen or read the Hunger Games, you would know that in a continent called Panem, there is a main capital and thirteen districts. The mockingjay is an important part of the districts because it is a mutated breed that was half jaberjay, who could recite whole conversations, and half mockingbird, that could mimic the tone of someone’s voice.
When a war breaks out between the capital and the districts, the districts use the birds to their advantage, but in the end, the capital wins the war. They exterminate the
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From the book, all twelve districts have a different item that they supply the capital with, so the district that is closest to the capital is more powerful because they get a share of what the districts below supply. District one through five do very well and appreciate all the capital does (they are also usually the ones that win the Hunger Games). So, the idea of a revolution is scary and threatening to their livelihood. While the rest of the districts that are just getting along or doing horrible, welcome the idea of having their own lives and the end of the Hunger Games. Neither the books or movies, provide us with information about whether there are other continents besides Panem or even other cultures. In the real world, I believe that different cultures, wouldn’t see the significance because of the idea that it is from a book. There are fandoms out there that believe in the pin and wear one because that is who they are, part of their self-concept. Others, have the realization that it is a fiction symbol and it doesn’t matter. Either way, it has different meanings in other cultures, real or

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