Nonverbal Communication And Its Impact On Social Environment

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Communication is a process in which people verbally or non-verbally share information and ideas. Nonverbal communication is generally defined as, “conveying something without words. It includes hand gestures, facial expressions and other such body language or cues that communicate something” (Mirriam-Webster 2014). It is often used to make an expression of a thought or thoughts and may make your message more appealing and interesting to whom you are speaking. This form of communication generally has a great influence over our social environment and the entire communication process.
There are several types of nonverbal communication; paralanguage, body movement, facial expressions, eye messages, attractiveness, clothing, space and distance, touch, smell and manner just to name a few (). There are cultural variations which determines what is acceptable and unacceptable () and different genders and cultures use nonverbal communication differently. These differences can also impact the nature of interpersonal communication. In a general sense, these types of communication regulate relationships and can support or even replace verbal communication in many situations. Nonverbal communication can also become a barrier or tear down barriers to effective communication.
After reading a few books on nonverbal communication, I learned there are certain rules that are used to convey nonverbal messages and these rules may differ according to the situation. I decided to conduct an…
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