Nonverbal Communication Essay

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Touch is a type of nonverbal communication, nonverbal communication is ways people communicate in addition to words. The word haptic is used to describe the study of touching. In this week's exercises it asks to describe the rules that govern touching in four different relationships as if a person from a different culture was visiting our culture. The way a person uses touch as an addition to communicating has to be culturally appropriate, because if not it can get people into trouble for misusing it. Gender influences the way the touch rules apply for example say if a grown man outside of a 13 year old girl’s family was talking with her, he most likely won’t use touch as a way to convey his message to her. There are factors discussed in…show more content…
It also helps let a child trust the adult more. Even those that aren't family but still apart of the child life for example a teacher, that would be acceptable. Gender plays a big part in this relationship also when it comes to gender it is more likely that a woman would use more touch when speaking to younger audiences than men. WIth these situations it really is important where the person touched then and what their intent of it was for example did the touch last a long time, and how the person is reacting about it. The third relationship is between two friends, depending on how close the friendship is, usually friends use touch more often than other relationships. Usually people that are friends are comfortable with each other which makes things not weird to use touch. Touch isn’t typically used with pressure it is a friendly touch, nothing more than just friendly touches. With either gender friends tend to use touch regardless of male of female but female I would say use it a little bit more. The fourth relationship is between a boss and an employee, with this kind of a relationship the way you communicate should be more on a professional level. In this relationship it isn’t likely for people to use touch while communicating. Touch is a more personal way to add to communication that typically
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