Nonverbal Communication and the Effect

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Asian Social Science November, 2009 Nonverbal Communication and the Effect on Interpersonal Communication Haiyan Wang School of Foreign Languages, Qingdao University of Science and Technology Qingdao 266061, China E-mail: Abstract It cannot be denied that the importance of interpersonal communication to the development of our society. Without interpersonal communication, people are unable to understand each other, cooperate with each other and promote the development of human society unceasingly. Therefore, the study of interpersonal communication has great significance. Interpersonal communication is fulfilled through two forms: one is verbal behaviors, the other one is nonverbal behaviors. Verbal…show more content…
It is better to choose several common and representative nonverbal behaviors to expound how nonverbal communication affects interpersonal communication under the influence of various limiting factors, especially cultural differences. 3.1 Body Behavior Body behavior refers to the expression and movement which transfer communicative messages. For the study of body behavior ,we can trace back to Aristotle — the most great Greece philosopher .The first man to study body behavior formally is Darwin, he point out that there were many similar expression between animal and human beings in his book The Expression of the Emotion in Man and Animals, (1872). And the most successful scholar who systematizes body behavior is Rag L. Birdwhistell, he advanced the theory of kinesics in his work Introduction to Kinesics, (1952). Fast, Body Language, (1970), is another summary and representative work in this field. Since then, body behavior became a new bi-disciplinary science, and continuously there are new study achievements emerge. According to estimation, people can do up to 270,000 types of gestures and movement .The meanings of so many gestures and movement are complicated. Some of the meanings are definite, some are vague; some are used in communication, some are only self-expression; some express emotion, some reflect personality and attitude .For this reason, the classification of body behavior
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