Nonverbal Communication in Blake Edwards' Film 'Victor Victoria'

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Non-verbal communication in Victor Victoria Blake Edwards' 1982 motion picture Victor Victoria puts across complex ideas regarding society's perception of people and people's tendency to receive social acceptance by reinventing themselves. One of the most intriguing aspects about this film is that it does not hesitate to put across frank and positive feelings with regard to homosexuality. Considering that individuals in the 80s considered this to be a taboo subject, it is actually surprising that the film portrays unconventional behavior as something that is not actually as 'evil' as the world perceives it to be. Even with the fact that the film is largely verbal, one is likely to be impressed as a result of interpreting many non-verbal gestures and grimaces and observing how they actually play an important role in defining the way that each of the characters thinks and behaves. Gender is a particularly important concept when considering human interactions and communication in general. One is likely to observe how Richard and Toddy attempt to put across their thinking through the way that they look at each other in the beginning of the motion picture. It is obvious that Richard is an arrogant person and that Toddy reluctantly expresses interest in him as a result of his general condition. Toddy further confirms his personality as being warm as he visits Chez Lui and kisses the maintenance lady's hand. Toddy and Labisse contrast each-other as they hear Victoria sing as

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