Essay Nonverbal Communication of the Breakfast Club

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Shane Seemann
The Nonverbal Club

The Breakfast Club is such an interesting movie to use with this topic. The wide range of characters allows for a variety of different interactions. The way we are going to approach this, is to look at each character and examine the different interactions between.
Let us first start off with some good examples of Physical Appearances and Artifacts, or the personal objects we use to announce our identities, interests and backgrounds. Our appearance includes everything from our body type to our hair style to our skin color to eye color to height. (Orbe & Bruess, 2005) We have five characters, all representing a possible cliques in high school. We have Andy, the clean cut jock; neat blonde hair,
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The fact that he took drugs and a knife to school tells us that he doesn’t care about his education or feel that it is worth his time. Although, Bender giving his sunglasses to Brian really warmed my heart. It showed that Bender had kind of taken a liking to Brian. Who probably took a lot of confidence from it as demonstrated by the relaxed and confident demeanor he had after he put them on. Brian thought that if he could wear glasses like Bender did, that he would become a little more like him. One last thing about Artifacts, and I hate writing about the end of the movie in the middle of a paper, but when Allison takes a patch off of Andy’s letterman jacket, it warmed my heart a little. Her taking the patch, meaning that by taking this artifact from him, no matter the social restrictions, they would always have the bond they created that day.
Now let us discuss Proxemics. Proxemics, or the way we use space to communicate (Orbe & Bruess, 2005) is shown right away in the film, when Andy sits down next to Claire and away from the other students. Obviously they are more comfortable sitting next to each other because they are closer in the social pyramid. About a half an hour into the movie, after the scene where the group starts whistling, it shows another good example of Proxemics. All of the characters are bundled up in the front area of the class, all except Allison. She is still sitting in the back of the room. This speaks to her resistance to

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