Nonverbal Messages And Its Effect On Communication Essay

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Two people are having a conversation in which one person is talking and asking questions while the other remains silent or gives her/him the “silent treatment.”
Topics covered in scenario; Spatial Messages, Eye messages, Encoding skills, Decoding skills
Script for skit;
Gabe; Alright, so today as a group we are going to demonstrate the nonverbal messages involved in silence, how it affects communication, and show the proper way to handle a situation in which the other person is giving the “silent treatment”
(Travion sits and Connor proceeds to try to talk to Travion)
Connor: So, how was your day today?
Travion: (Silence)
Connor: …Ok, well my day was pretty boring if you want to know. I ended up studying for my finals and watching Netflix.
Travion: (Silence + avoiding eye contact)
Connor: Is everything alright? Is there something bothering you?
Travion: (Silence + avoiding eye contact + arms crossed)
Connor: Ok, what’s wrong? Why are you not talking to me all of a sudden?
Travion: (Silence + avoiding eye contact + arms crossed)
Connor: Did I do something wrong? Talk to me…
Travion: (Silence + avoiding eye contact + arms crossed)
Alivia; So as you can see by this demonstration, the silent treatment is a very damaging relationship strategy that hurts both people involved.
- If the silent treatment is taken too far, it can actually be seen as emotional abuse
- Also, silent treatment is known to be one of the most common warning signs of relationship problems because
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