Nonverbal and Symbolic Behavior in a 'Law and Order' Episode

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Nonverbal and symbolic behavior: Law and Order episode The syndicated television drama Law and Order often focuses upon issues of class and crime in New York City. The show is neatly segmented between the 'law' and the 'order' portions, the first of which depict blue-collar cops on the job, the second white-collar prosecutors. Both white-collar and blue-collar criminals are featured on the show. The beginning of the episode entitled "The pursuit of happiness" depicted the rumpled detectives staring at a crime scene. Although tired, their loose shoulders indicated they were somewhat relaxed and accustomed to seeing a dead body. The victim was dressed in a suit and found dead in his office. The detectives seemed familiar and friendly with one another as the crime scene forensic investigators gathered evidence. They kept their hands in their pockets, however, and did not physically become involved with the dead man, as if wanting to keep emotional distance from him. It is also possible that as a middle-aged man, he was not a particularly sympathetic victim, unlike a child. When questioning the murdered man's wife, the detectives seemed sympathetic in terms of their expressions. They appeared concerned and their hardened expressions softened. The woman was shown sobbing and had bloodshot eyes. Tears were rolling down her face and her beauty was a stark contrast with the ugliness of the previously-depicted crime scene and the faded trench coats of the detectives. She

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