Nonviolence Movement : Is It Acceptable For People Throughout The World?

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Nonviolence Movement In modern history, there is a movement that has influenced many people throughout many genenerations. It is called the nonviolence movement. The nonviolence movement is a form of Civil Disobedience strategy, where people protest against government policy to fight for their rights. It is a different and more effective way that people fight for justice. Today, more and more people from all over the world are deciding to use nonviolent actions to make their requests known. Why is nonviolence so acceptable for people throughout the world? Smith (1969) professor of Philosophy at Yale University says: “On one hand, nonviolence as a form of response is adopted because it is dictated by a principle, the principle that violence is always to be avoided because in itself it is "wrong" and perpetuates the very divisiveness we are trying to overcome. On the other hand, nonviolence is not chosen for this reason alone. It is chosen because, as a matter of actual fact derived from past experience, this method has been shown to be more effective than violence in accomplishing certain objectives.”(pg. 157). For me, the most important reason that makes nonviolence movement so influential is the positive outcome. It means that towards nonviolence movement, people could more likely get a win-win outcome, which is to earn what we ask for with no hurts. There is no doubt that no one wants to get hurt during the campaign. We want to fight for justice in a wise way,…
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