Nonviolent Direct Action Is An Option

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Violence is an option that is heavily debated when taking action. It can often result in complete chaos and not accomplish the original purpose of the action. Nonviolent direct action is another option that is contemplated. It involves the use of direct action without violent force to get the point of the action known. Examples of nonviolent direct action would include strikes and protests. The use of such action is often best implemented in human experience that involve discrimination. Differences in race, gender, or religious affiliation can often cause discrimination. Individuals in minority groups are seen as unequal to the majority and can be easily be discriminated against. To promote change, minority groups often take actions. The action can either involve violence or exclude it. Violent force can degrade the appearance of the individuals and create more anger between the two opposing sides. The use of non-violent direct action shows more humility of those who are being discriminated against. Others being to understand the issue without creating chaos. Non-violent direct action can also be used for political purposes. Protestors can often be found outside of government buildings demanding change. It also works well in this aspect because it can be more powerful than the use of violence. The destruction and anguish are generally what is heard about not what the purpose it when violence is used. Non-violent action is superior at getting the issues
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