Noodles And Company Problem Analysis

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Introduction Noodles and Company, a fast-casual dining restaurant, whose founder is Aaron Kennedy. Aaron thought of the idea in 1993 while eating at an Asian noodle diner in NYC. He opened his first restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. It was opened on October third, 1995. Noodles and Company was not his start though, he has also worked for Oscar Meyer, Pepsi, and Cato Gobe. Other persons that played significant roles include President and Co-CEO, Ken Keyme; Chief Financial Officer/EVP, Mary Beth Lewis; COO, Joe Serafin; Executive Chef, Ross Kamens; and Chief Development Officer/EVP, Thomas Weigand. Many of these people helped in the development of Noodles and Company, and helped the company begin to grow in the late 1990’s. Problem Analysis First off, the competition faced by Noodles and Company is quite brutal. This competition includes but is not limited to, Chipotle and Cheese Cake Factory. Chipotle offers consumers good quality Mexican food, for an affordable price. This draws away consumers who would be normally eating at an Noodles and Company. Cheese Cake Factory hurts Noodles and Company even more so, because they offer larger variety in their menu. Cheese Cake Factory’s menu spans from a variety of different cultures. Cheese Cake Factory also has a specialty item, cheese cake. This item pulls the attention of consumers. Secondly, you shouldn’t open thirty-two new operations in the next year, solely because you have the capital to do so. With competition as it is,

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