Nooksack's Indigenous Social Justice System

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Colonization has greatly affected our inability to seek justice in Indian country for it has disseminated our elders/ancestors teachings of the old world. Much has been lost since the genocide of our people, although, it was the wise leaders that had the vision of what was and is going to happen to our people. To summarize Chief Sealth’s quote, “...All things are connected….” He knew the land was being destroyed by the newcomers (development of cities that eliminated traditional food sites), his people were being terrorized, tortured, humiliated, and food (especially salmon) was being depleted so he knew to surrender and keep his people alive by signing the treaty of 1855. As did other leaders in the country, they wanted their people to live. We are people connected with the land. A traditional saying from the Salish people “Oh Syiam, to all our relations”, this is what we say in prayer, appreciation, and in ceremony. Indigenous social justice is what we need to fight for— rights to our land, justice and equality.
In my view, to define Social Justice as a Native American is to protect and fulfill our traditional rights as indigenous people. In my personal experience with social justice, it has been treated has a crime. I have been fighting for my identity as a Nooksack for the past four years; the Nooksack leaders have implemented an epidemic that has been growing throughout Indian Country which is called disenrollment. My family and I have been fighting against violations of human and civil rights
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As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change toward him… We need not to see what others do.” (Mahtma Ghandi) A quote that I found online from the New York Times, which states that it is up to the individual to make a difference in our own world view. So it is up to us to help save what our ancestors and elders have protected since the time of
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