Noonan Syndrome Summary

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Not only do clinicians need to work with other professionals, but they also need to be aware of the other comorbidities that may be present in Noonan Syndrome. Many studies listed other cognitive functions that may be impacted by NS, and depending on the nature of the function, it could have a negative impact on language and speech. “Identification of attention problems and other psychiatric comorbidities will be an important element in developing appropriate educational and treatment goals to benefit individuals with Noonan syndrome” (Pierpont et al., 2014, p.391). Since some links have been made between Noonan Syndrome and delays in attention skills, it is important to keep in mind these associated risks and their implication on language…show more content…
Any intervention plan needs to include three components to be successful. The first being clinical expertise of the professionals that the disorder pertains to. Therefore, with speech being the target, a speech language pathologist would use his/her clinical judgment. The next factor includes current research and studies that involve the disorder being targeted. The intervention plan needs to be based in science, and there needs to have been previous research done to prove its effectiveness. This assures both the clinician and the client that the treatment will yield results if preformed correctly. The most important aspect is the last component, involving the child and their caregivers. It is pertinent that the patient is the main focus of all decisions, and with young infants that includes the caregiver/s as well. In order to devise a proper intervention plan, the patient and the caregiver/s concerns and wants need to be met. If patient or caregiver would like to target a specific difficulty, it is the clinician’s responsibility to use their professional expertise and current research to compose a plan that best suits the client and his/her needs. (Ritzman,
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