Nor Easters Case Study

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What do you consider to be the key findings of the research survey? Comment on what Buckingham learned about a prospective customer profile, pricing and single-ticket versus season-ticket packages.
Several of the key findings from the research survey can be summarized into the following points;
In regards to a customer profile those aged between 26-35 years old with children, an income between $22,500 to $75,000 would attend under 5 or 2 games per year. They would not necessarily be a baseball fan but are looking for family entertainment. This gives an understanding to motives behind why this market is attending and how to create a market strategy to their ideals.
Another key finding from the research survey is that of the customer
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Furthermore the relationship between concession spending and the amount of people willing to spend money on concession goods is the amount that concession prices rise less people willing to purchase them. As 45% of people are willing to spend between $6-$10 on concessions, estimating that to $8 being spent, concessions should be priced range between $6-$10.Concession and ticket prices provide variables to calculate optimal pricing mix for a single ticket, the same can be used on all the packages.
The results are;
Single Ticket - $10 and individuals buying $8 worth of concession
5 Game Ticket Package - $8 and individuals buying $8 worth of concession
Half Season Ticket Package - $6 and individuals buying $8 worth of concession
Full Season Ticket Package - $4 and individuals buying $8 worth of concession

Using the pricing plan you have designed, will the team reach break even in the first year? If not, what options does Buckingham have to reach his target?
Due to the high costs the goal of breaking even is a large task. At current product prices a profit of $53,676 can be expected. This is total by 21,582 who will at least attend one game. Next we can assume that amongst that population of 21582 54% would be interested in going to one game, 28% interested in at least 5, 13% would be interested in half season and 5% in full. Of the 54% who will attend one game 80% would pay $10.
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