Nora From The Classroom Observation

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I observed a 29-month-old girl, named Nora in a classroom setting. When I arrived, she and her classmates were just finishing up lunch and was in the process of going outside. Once Nora was done cleaning up she waited in line patiently for her classmates to accompany her outside. While looking through the observation box, Nora seemed like a quiet timid child. She didn’t say much or interact with anyone while in line. She would say a one or two words to the girl behind her then stop, turn around and would keep to herself. Once they got the teacher handed everyone a 12-inch skinny rubber hose and stated that today they’ll be fighter fighters and had to put out all the hazardous fires running amuck along with the playground. It was sweet once everyone got little hoes she saw that one of her friends didn't have one so she gave her away so her friend…show more content…
She seems secure, she doesn't cry when grandma leaves. She’s pretty content with herself. She’s overjoyed when she sees her grandma. She runs over screeching in delight and embraces her by the leg. I haven’t really seen Nora in a negative mood. So I can't justify how she behaves or acts, but on a normal basis, she's a happy child.
Nora has good general motor skills. During one of observation session, I witness Nora dancing to a hokey pokey song with her classmates. She can jump, sprint, move around in a circular motion and do the bear claw pretty well. During playtime, she pulled out a puzzle and she understood that each one had a different shape. So she would do trial and error and to rotate pieces to find where they could fit while looking at the picture for guidance. She can hold a writing utensil in her her and make zigzag and curved lines.
I learn a few thing while observing Nora school environment. She adapt well positive reinforcements. She curious and like to be in her own world. She she pays attention to detail and likes doing things on her
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