Nora Helmer 's A Doll 's House

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A wife should give herself to her husband for the right reason. Not get fully lost into a fake reality that causes you to be unhappy. Staying true to your own values and desires is what makes It is an identity that we create, and come to know. What happens when you lose your identity while someone else is trying to rewrite yours? Although Nora Helmer is a part of Torvald’s dollhouse she begins to realize that she has given up her desires, ambition, and dignity just to play the role in his life. When the door slams at the end of “A Doll’s House” by Henry Ibsen, No one would not believe the woman walking out of her house is the same one who appeared at the beginning of the play. The main character in this play is Nora. Nora goes through a complete transformation, changing from a child like and dependant woman to a self strong woman pushing to become independent. Ibsen portrays the roles of society in the Victorian times in this play. Throughout her whole life, Nora’s husband and father have always controlled her; she has never been able to be independent, and the treatment she receives is not equal to the males around her, and the people around her belittle and patronize her to no end. Finally it goes too far and Nora realizes its time for her to step out of her comfort zone and start anew. Nora from the start of her life was always used to being looked down upon as if she didn’t have her own mind. Not only did her husband in this play act as though she was some

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