Nora-Sakari: A Proposed Joint Venture In Malaysia

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Marketing Research and Management in SEA Case Analysis: Nora-Sakari: A Proposed Joint Venture In Malaysia Submission date: 03.03.2004 Nanyang Technological University CONTENTS: ___________________________________________________________________________ Introduction 1 Cultural differences 2 Relationship-Focus vs. Deal Focus 2 Formal vs. Informal 4 Time and Scheduling- Monochromic vs. Polychronic 5 Why Nora should contact Kuusisto in Helsinki. 6 Why shouldn't Nora contact Kuusisto in Helsinki? 9 Conclusion 12 How to create a win-win situation? 13 Proposal number one: 14 Proposal number two: 15 The actual results of the negotiations between Nora and Sakari 16 Introduction This case is about Nora, one of the leading…show more content…
In contrast, the deal-focused culture in Finland, people are more open to doing business with strangers. The marketer can make initial contact with the prospective buyer without any previous relationship or connection. Having an introduction or referral is helpful but not essential. In deal focused markets like Finland you can usually get down to business after just a few minutes of small talk. And you can learn most of what you need to know about your potential finish counterpart in a matter of days rather than the weeks or months it will take in strongly RF cultures such as Malaysia. In Finland, you make a deal first- then you can become friends, which are quite the opposite of Malaysia. In Malaysia, you first make a friend, then you make a deal. In Finland people rely on written agreements to prevent misunderstandings and solve problems. And some business people tend to take a rather impersonal, legalistic, contract-based approach when disagreements and disputes arise. In Malaysia they primary depend on relationship to prevent difficulties and solve problems, while in Finland they depend on the written agreements to fulfil the same functions. In Finland negotiators tend to value direct, frank, straightforward language. When communicating with others, the priority is to be clearly understood, they usually say what they mean and mean what they say. However,

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