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Nora’s Quest for Justice In Henrik Ibsen’s, A Doll’s House, Nora struggles to achieve justice and her rightful place as a woman, mother, and wife, despite the hardships and mistreatment of her husband Torvald and her father. Throughout Nora’s life, she has faced hardships in order to survive as a normal person because of the mistreatment she received from the two men in life she ever loved; her father and her husband. The mistreatment of Nora’s father and husband has caused Nora to become and be an extremely weak individual. Nora is fearful to live the way she wants to because she no longer has an identity of her own. Despite the hardships and mistreatment Nora encounters, she still has extreme hubris. She wants everyone to recognize and…show more content…
“[…] His little sweet tooth, his little squirrel, she with her flaunting of macaroons, her petty ways, answering to an image he has made for her.” (Gray1429) Nora’s purpose in life is to serve, live, and be happy for her husband and her children’s sake. Archer’s perception of A Doll’s House and his view of women is closely related to Nora. “A woman cannot be herself in the society of to-day, which is exclusively a masculine society, with laws written by men, and with accusers and judges who judge feminine conduct from the masculine standpoint.” (Archer1) Torvald and Nora’s father have taken away her identity and left her with no power over herself. Therefore, Nora is a very weak mother, wife, and woman. She is very weak and vulnerable because she is scared to live the way she wants to because she has no identity of her own. “Nora does not profess to be an intellectual companion to her husband, even if he wanted it.” (Scott221)

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