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Nordstrom has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a shoe retailer in the early part of the 20th century. Now with the 4th generation of Nordstroms at the helm, it has positioned itself for the future with its customer-centric focus and rich history of entrepreneurial spirit. This analysis will focus on the transformation of their core operations and the potential for future strategic movement in the world of retail sales.
Corporate strategic and organizational practices From the early stages as a wholly owned family business, Nordstrom was characterized by its ability to provide the highest quality and largest selection of products at very competitive prices. One of the most distinctive corporate traits that helped guide
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The customer had always been the most important aspect of the Nordstrom business model and success as an organization. Their reputation had been built upon providing exceptional customer service; however, they were failing to effectively meet the needs of their core customer base on a consistent basis. Nordstrom initially lacked the focused determination on efficient execution that was required to maintain a strong relationship with their customers, yet they were able to able to turn things around by going back to the basics. Nordstrom can sustain these competitive advantages by continuing to nurture and grow the entrepreneurial instinct within their salespeople and further build on their strong customer relationship initiatives. In the highly competitive retail marketplace, where products are homogeneous and low cost pricing strategies limit profitability, firms need to build their organizations around more intangible aspects that are hard to duplicate and difficult to imitate. For Nordstrom, their intangible assets of their entrepreneurial spirit that is infused throughout their selling process and their unwavering dedication to their customer will continue to set them apart as a niche clothing and fashion retailer.
Factors that led to the turnaround
Once the shareholders and Wall Street analysts started seeing Nordstrom as too complex and not scalable, they began to lose confidence in the company. By

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