Noreen Au Young Research Paper

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Noreen Au Young, born on September 8th, 2001 in San Francisco. At the age of four, she and her family moved to Piedmont, a little town located in the center of Oakland. She currently lives there with her father, mother, and her older brother. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and playing tennis. She started dancing at the age of four, her first physical activity. Through dancing, she realized her love of sports and all forms of physical activity, and decided that she would incorporate these factors into her life as much as possible. From there, she began to participate in a variety of sports. Despite the fact that she enjoyed all sports, she was most drawn to the game of tennis. She was introduced to the world of tennis through her brother, when she was four.…show more content…
Noreen was inspired to start playing herself, by watching her brother from the sidelines. Although she discovered tennis at a very young age, she did not start playing, until she was ten. Noreen was preoccupied with dance and other activities, and never got around to actually playing herself. Noreen began training recreationally but soon started playing at some academies. This year, she entered into high school and joined the Piedmont High varsity tennis team. From being a part of a supportive team, with amazing coaches, Noreen has learned a lot from her teammates along with exposure to many remarkable experiences. With an abundance of wonderful role models from her team surrounding her, she is inspired to constantly try her best and to appreciate tennis. She aspires to be more competitive when it comes to playing, and to progress in improving her playing overall. Her hope is to never lose her passion for the sport and to continue playing it throughout her
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