Norm Violation Essay

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In my Norm Violation assignment I chose to break the common dining etiquette norm of eating with your hands. Since eating with your hands is only deviant behavior in certain dining situations, I chose to break this norm at a local sit-down restaurant in Eugene, Café Soriah. I went to the downtown restaurant with a group of friends for an afternoon meal without telling them of my Norm Violation assignment. Being the only informed one in the experiment seemed like the best way to get the most candid reactions from my peers. When I arrived to the restaurant I immediately noticed several social norms that everyone at the establishment was following. The customers and the staff were well dressed, and everyone was conducting himself or…show more content…
Nevertheless, we all ordered and continued on with our meal, and the beginning of the Norm Violation Experiment. I chose to order a salad and an entrée that normally required silverware to eat. This way I could be sure that I was blatantly violating the social norm. Once I got my salad and started eating it with my hands I instantly drew quizzical glances from many people in the restaurant, and even harsher reactions from my peers I was sitting with. My peers, who were horrified that I would ever embarrass them in this kind of public setting gave me harsh words of criticism and told me to act my age. Other diners had changed their quizzical looks to scorns. Along with the initial berating, I also had my plate taken away from me by my peers since I could apparently not be trusted to behave appropriately. The meal continued and I was served my entrée, which was fish and rice. After eating my appetizer with my hands our table had gathered the attention of several customers and staff at the restaurant. Once I started to eat with my hands for the second time the reaction from those around me was much swifter and harsher. Not only did my peers scorn me, but I also received criticism by other people dinning near our table. The third time I tried to eat with my hands I was approached by a management member of the staff and told that I would need to leave if I continued
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