Normal Saline Use in Trauma Patients

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The debate has been over what crystalloid fluid to administer for volume replacement, at what amount, and if we should be administering fluids at all. Many products are available and much research has been conducted with results showing that not all fluids are created equal. Some products have the ability to replace volume but provide little more benefit and may actually be harmful. Other products, when administered at much lower volumes, provide far greater benefits and greater potential for a positive outcome for the patient. Most ground ambulances carry Sodium Chloride 0.9% (Normal Saline) even though all research shows that its performance is inferior in comparison to other fluids. In this paper we will look at several recent studies, in which the effects of fluid administration/volume replacement in hypovolemic trauma patients are measured, with a concentrated look at normal saline.

So what happens to a trauma patient when they are bleeding? Most people will instinctively make an attempt to keep the blood inside their body because they know it is better to have it inside you than on the ground right? And when first responders arrive they are well trained to identify bleeding and control it. Pressure, dressings, ice, elevation and even tourniquets are used to keep the red stuff inside this patient’s body. If we can’t see the…
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