Normal Versus Hybrid Cars

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Buyers will consider quality and performance as the important characteristics to buy a car. But, nowadays, people are buying increasing number of environmentally friendly cars which is hybrid electric vehicles. Toyota Prius is reported as the market leader which is the best-selling car in Japan. It is better than normal fuel car as it has lower emissions and uses less fuel but its cost is almost twice times compared to conventional car. Why consumers still will choose a car like Prius?
Hybrid electric vehicle is vehicle that uses 2 methods to propel which are internal combustion engine and electric motor. Most hybrid vehicles use high voltage battery pack and combination of electric motor and generator to help a gasoline engine. There are 3 types of HEV designs which are series, parallel and series-parallel designs. While levels of hybrid vehicles are including full-hybrid, medium-hybrid and mild hybrid. For full hybrids such as Toyota Prius, they have idle-stop function and regenerative braking features. They are mostly capable of using electric motor which assists the engine alone to run the vehicle. The battery voltages are about 200 to 300 Volts. For medium hybrids such as Citroen C4 HDi, its features are the same as full hybrids but they are mostly not capable of using electric motor alone and its battery voltages are around 144-158V. For mild hybrid, it has regenerative braking and idle-stop function but not capable of using electric motor to run. Its systems are
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