Normality and Human Behavior

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In contrast, this topic is spoken about with great “hush” because it is seen as a taboo in society; due to the sensitive issue of an individuals expected behaviour. On the other hand, the topic of “abnormal” is often given a similar light to the idea of being “normal”. Many psychologist have tried to explain one of these labels often using the starting point of normality, then any behaviour that deviates away from this is seen as abnormal. However, as many psychologist and theorists have found there is much more complexity behind each label, this is due to diversity of people, cultural relativism and mixed societies within the world all trying to define their own concept of what is “normal” and “abnormal” human behaviour.

It is very difficult to begin to draw a solid line from where normality begins and finishes becoming abnormal. Through-out time there have been many explanations that try to established a genderalisable definition for abnormal behaviour. One of which is deviation from social norms, under this explanation behaviour is classed as abnormal if it deviates away from the unwritten customary rules of society that a coördinate our behaviour within a particular society or culture Young, H (2007). Social norms are hugely context dependent and vary heavily through difference cultures and religion. The changing of times…
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