Normalization Of Deviance And The Space Administration

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Normalization of Deviance "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." (Ford) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has had its fair share of catastrophic disasters. The Apollo 1 Fire was said to be a “preventable failure by NASA”. (Dhar) Though shortly after, the Apollo 13 intendent was just a near miss of a great disaster. Then to sum the failures, it would take the lives of 14 astronauts for a course of action to be considered. Thus what do all these disasters have in common with the theory of “Normalization of Deviance”? Apollo 1 was to be the first test flight of the “Apollo/Saturn space vehicle being prepared for the first piloted flight, the AS-204 mission.” (Garber) There were three primary…show more content…
(Garber) This caused a spark that would ignite the vehicle; but all materials in the cabin of the module were said to be fire retardant. The Velcro straps in the module continued to burn, thus badly burning the bodies of the astronauts; as well as the inward opening hatch that prevented a quick (Teitel)rescue of the men. (Dhar) Altogether there was no chance of survival for the men once the fire had ignited. When news of the disaster had reached the public, people were shocked. People asked, how could an organization such of NASA allow this to happen. NASA’s later came out with a chilling response; “All we can say is that we lost the entire crew.” (Explosion") This clearly showed that NASA was never remotely expecting such a disaster. With this the public had taken a major hit to their pride; the thought of President Kennedy’s dream to make it to the Moon was slipping away. (Explosion") Sixteen orbital flights had taken place without incident, now Russia was on the verge of making a fool of the United States and the public would not any of it. The Public immediately demanded that those in control at NASA fix the problem and proceed with the Apollo missions. The president of NASA at the time James E. Webb wasted no time informing the public of the future of the organization. He told the public "We 'll go ahead with the space flight program. Although everyone realized that someday pilots would die, who would have thought the first tragedy would

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