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Normalization of the ERD By: Vanessa Kennedy Normalization of the ERD The normalization of the ERD along with the driver’s log is taking all of the data within the database and putting the information into tables (World Book, 2011). In addition, after the data is normalized it then is put into an Entity Relationship Diagram or ERD (World Book, 2011). In this paper we will look at the ERD of the driver’s log. The normalization that I would perform on the driver’s log would be on the Driver’s Table. In this table I would have set it up to have an additional table for the Name, Employee ID Number, and Date of the Last Physical Examination, Date of Last Annual Drug Test, and the Date of the Last Random Drug Test. The information that…show more content…
This would include each time that they drive and the total amount of miles driven by each driver. All of the tables will have a comment column section included on the table. This is added so that additional information can be added when needed by office personnel or by the driver. I believe that the violations table only needs normalization if there is more than one citation and if there are more than one in a different sate or municipality issuing the citation. The driver’s log tables are important for drivers and employee to fill out in order to provide correct and accurate information. In order for the drivers log ERD to be successful is to make sure that there is no duplicate and unnecessary information. In this paper, we looked at the ERD of the driver’s log. We then looked at other tables that share a relationship with additional tables that go with the original table. I hope that you were able to learn about the ERD and the driver’s log. References World Book Encyclopedia. U. A. (2011). Retrieved on March 13, 2011, from
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