Norman Cousins 's Anatomy Of An Illness

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In Norman Cousins 's "Anatomy of an Illness," the author was given a poor prognosis, but instead of giving up he took charge over his medical treatment plan that lead him to recovery. In today 's society, it is the complete opposite because people expect a doctor and prescription to be the cure for everything instead of being positive and taking care into their own hands. Why has the society given up on all old traditions to rely only on the new innovations of today? The body is a complex being full of many mysterious capabilities that people do not realize.
(Contextual) The story of Norman Cousins is a very complex case that stumps many doctors because they rely heavily on medicine to solve everything. Doctors never look at the whole picture, they only look at each patient as an illness and contemplate which technique is the most appropriate to cure the illness. Cousins’s states in his book that he was given the prognosis of doom and the doctors seemed to have no hope to help him overcome his problem (Cousins, 1979). Instead, he took his treatment into his own hands and used laughter and ascorbic acid to make his crippling disease disappear (Cousins, 1979).
(Contextual) Within the text, Cousins discusses many examples of why a medication that a doctor prescribes might not be the right answer. Cousins states regarding the nation that “we have to cure ourselves of the itch for absolute knowledge and power” (Cousins, 1979). In today’s society, people want things to be faster,
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