Norman From Lord Of The Flies Short Story

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Norman is a surprisingly big boy for his age. He is very strong probably the strongest on the island even though he is only 12 he stands at an impressive 5’ 11.5’’. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Norman has a knife just like Jack’s but bigger. He is the youngest brother of 12 and he is the only boy. He is very shy though, so he tries to stay away from the others. He is a close friend with Simon. They would play all the time back at home. Norman and Simon’s parents put them on the same plane so they would have each other to distract them from what was happening with the war. After, crashing on this island all I wanted to do was find Simon. I can already tell someone is going to want to be in charge. I don’t really think we should have one person in charge. With all the littluns running around they are going to get themselves into trouble and just end up annoying everyone. While I was wondering around the island I noticed there is quite a bit of food…show more content…
I think he just made it up or he saw a snake. All the littluns say they saw it too, but they are afraid of everything. But it could be real I guess. Simon said there was no beast and I trust Simon more than that little boy. They killed Simon. I tried to stop them. They would not listen to me. I yelled stop. They attacked me too. They attacked me and killed my best friend. They have started killing each other it seems. It is now kill or be killed. I don’t care if I get rescued anymore. This place has taken everything from me. My best friend, my morals and this island has even brought me to killing people who are just as scared and upset as me. I killed so many littluns. I don’t want to live with that. I am only 12 and I have done all these bad things. My parents will be so mad at me. I probably will never see them again. All the food is gone from this island. All the pigs are dead. There is nothing left to eat. I won’t last another
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