Norman Rockwell's 'The Runaway'

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Description Norman Rockwell’s piece of work, The Runaway, is painted on a canvas. This famous artwork is known as an oil painting. The Runaway was painted during 1958 and measures 35” x 33”. This amazing piece of work can currently be found in the Norman Rockwell Museum in his collection of artworks. This museum is located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Normal Rockwell used state trooper Richard J. Clemens Jr. to model as the state trooper in the painting and used eight-year-old Ed Locke to pose as the boy. The painting was created at the Howard Johnson’s Restaurant. The Runaway’s scene shows a little boy sitting at a counter. He looks to be the subject of the artwork. He looks like he may be around the age of eight and has short, almost buzzed cut, blonde hair. This little boy is wearing a yellow shirt, blue jeans, and a brown belt. His shirt is tucked in and he has what looks like a jacket in his lap. He jeans are scrunched up, showing his white socks and shoes. The laces on his shoes seem to be untied. To the boy’s left sits a state trooper. He looks to be in his late thirties or possible early forties. He is in his full officer uniform, which consists…show more content…
When looking at the artwork it is easy to see the fatherly feeling Norman Rockwell put into it. When anyone thinks about a runaway child, you would not picture this image Rockwell created. It overflows with a safe, secure feeling that the child is okay. This is what Norman Rockwell wanted however. He wanted to show the importance of keeping children safe and therefore put two fatherly figures in the painting with the boy. Norman could have painted it with just the boy sitting there alone and a waiter who ignored him. This would make us think the boy is alone and has no protection. However, Rockwell did not want that to be the message. Instead he depicted the two men as the boy’s protection till the parents showed
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