Normandie Home Fire Essay

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On February 9, 1942 at New York City's pier 88 crowds gathered to witness the largest ocean liner in the world, the USS Lafayette be on fire. The Normandie was intended to set sail under the U.S. flag on February 14th, 1942.9 The conversion crew requested more time on February 6th because they believed the conversion would not be completed in time, their request was denied and were put in a frantic state to complete it in time. The time given for the conversion crew did not give them enough time to clean and prepare their work places making the condition more and more unsafe until it practically became more normal to them. At approximately 2:30pm a welder in the first class lounge of the SS Normandie was put under pressure with the short time frame to complete the job and did not move the life preservers which eventually ignited the fire. The Normandie's modern firefighting system was disabled during the conversion and once the New York Fire Department arrived…show more content…
In response to the hoses not being compatible firefighters used the fire boats on the port side of the Normandie and alongside used dockside hoses to aid in putting the fire out. Sadly, the pressure of the dockside hose made the Normandie was leaning to the Port and the Navy attempted to counter flood and eventually the Normandie rolled over and settled into the Hudson River's bottom. The fire of the Normandie was put out after five hours and was declared by 8:00pm. Millions lined the New York and New Jersey shore to witness the Normandie's inferno and Rear Admiral Adolphus Andrews of the Third Naval District ordered all hands to save the heroic lives of those battling to keep the Normandie upright. Overall, the Normandie's tragedy was left with one casualty and 128 civilian employees, sailors, and coastguards were treated immediately and the Normandie overall had 1,500 on board that escaped without

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