Normandy Invasion Advantages

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On June 6th, 1944, the main Allied forces of World War 2 conducted Operation Overlord, now known as D-Day: the greatest invasion in military history. This was a major turning point in the war, however the win was surprising. Germanic and Nazi soldiers should have won the battles on and around the Normandy beaches that day for a multitude of reasons: firstly, they had the rest of France, meaning that Nazis could bring in materials safely, easily, and quickly, and as the Germans were there first, they had time to fortify the area with better defense such as anti-tank guns and minefields; secondly, they had better ground on many beaches, such as the cliffs on Omaha and the dunes on Juno; and finally, they had better equipment such as clothing designed to survive harsher weather conditions, and more rations to survive on. For these reasons, Nazi soldiers should have won the infamous 1944 invasion. Firstly, France was Nazi territory before D-Day, giving them access to easy, and safe transportation. Reinforcement of men or weapons could be transported easily through train lines or via air without worry of being attacked by allied forces, as they would be well guarded from departure to arrival. The allies, on the other hand, had to land on the beach with a high chance of being killed upon arrival, then traverse the battlefield and continue fighting until their objective was complete or die in the process. Although Nazi soldiers had to battle and die also, they didn’t face the
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