Normative Cultural Relativism. Relativism Is The Philosophical

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Normative Cultural Relativism Relativism is the philosophical idea that the views and beliefs of a person are valid and relative to them. It can include many positions, whether it be religious, moral, cultural or even political. Over the course of this quarter I have been introduced to many different theories like Utilitarianism, Deontological and Teleological theories, but none of them got my attention like Normative Cultural Relativism. What’s great about philosophy is that there are no right or wrong answers, yet I cannot help but realize that many philosophers nowadays are biased about Normative Cultural Relativism. Many don’t agree and rather attack the theory which is why I intend to defend it. Normative cultural relativism is a…show more content…
The date of the tragedy would probably be made a day of mourning where we all look back and remember such horrible actions. Now say that the country you visited has a basic principle, making it perfectly legal to kill children in public parks, we as people would object because murdering is immoral but Normative Cultural Relativism says otherwise. We do not have a right to judge that man because the society he is part of states that it is perfectly fine to shoot up public parks as long as you only kill children. A more realistic example would be Nazi Germany and Jews. We remember the Holocaust as a worldwide tragedy and describe Hitler as one of the worst human beings of all time. This all erases with NCR. Hitler is good because he is acting accordingly the way society is based upon which is exterminating all Jewish people. He states that at the heart of NCR there is a certain form of argument. “The strategy used by cultural relativists is to argue from facts about the differences between cultural outlooks to a conclusion about the status of morality” (Rachels, 454). By these standards we are made to believe, for example, that the Earth is flat is neither objectively right nor objectively wrong because the Round and Flat-earthers had a disagreement. He calls this kind of argument a Cultural Differences Argument, where there is no objective truth in what is wrong

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