Normative Ethics

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Moral Reasoning Guidelines Making good moral decisions is difficult and part of the difficulty is that we do not live in a vacuum. Making moral decisions are complex and are connected to different contexts. You are being asked to do an ethical analysis as compared to a political, religious, or economic one. Your research topic or case study focuses on a moral dilemma and probably has several different proposals or solutions to your dilemma.. For our purposes, it is not so important which moral judgment or moral rule you draw, (Discovery essay) but on how well you justify, defend, and argue for your moral position (Justification essay) and that you demonstrate clear and consistent reasoning as well as critical thinking skills. In making…show more content…
We must always ask ourselves what values are at stake or what value a particular action respects or promotes, neglects, or thwarts. This section will be an important part of your essay, so be sure to give sufficient thought to assessing what values are involved in your dilemma. In you have discovered all the values involved in the moral dilemma, rank your values in order of importance to you. What is the reasoning behind your ranking? Closely review Exploring Values, Rules, and Principles. Delineating the moral values, ranking them, and explaining them are an important section of your paper and must be included in it. We must know what we value before we can begin to make an informed moral decision. Your highest-ranking value should be the one that helps define your moral rule or grounds your moral judgment. 3. Any action will normally have an effect or outcome. When analyzing a values conflict or moral dilemma, one should, as far as possible, be aware of the beneficial or harmful effects that result from the action and how it affects the people involved, including of course, the person performing the action. Are the effects emotional? Physical? Immediate? Delayed? Obvious? Subtle? Hidden? Intentional? (Ruggiero 112). What are the effects of our actions on our obligations or values? A morally aware person must take into account the effects of our obligations, both on others and on what values
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