Normative Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics surrounds many emotions which are not accepted by morality as not important what is discussed about it at the moment. It is also regularly used in same manner as with morality. Ethical concern having largely taken place with friends, family and society as well, preparing a place for ideals such as social justice. Such Ethics able to exist or occurs together without conflict, like ancient Greek explanation of the good life as found in Aristotle and Plato.
The type of ethical philosophy that I am interested to me is Changing Modern Philosophy.
Inheriting good things from past is not bad. We human beings we learn from surroundings, our nature is also with mixture of good and bad. As long as we have the talent to choose what suits us and does not, we have to choose the one fits us. After reading the unit 2 writings of different philosophers, I am interested with Changing Modern Philosophy. In 1958 Elisabeth Anscombe, came with a modern philosophy which changed the way we think about normative theories. Her critics were the moral philosophy’s pre-occupation by conceiving laws of ethics. This law deals with highly regarded rules and regulations. Her critics on theories which were universally applied J.S Mills
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It looks for an engaged personality of the right behavior. The normative ethics has got an example of normative principle. The normative ethics is like give and take, systems, expecting from someone to give and to take it back. I agree with golden rules of normative ethics regarding the Golden rules which do not allow to lie, to harass, victimize assault or kill others is single principles judging all actions. In normative ethics there is no alternatives only one happening coming at the end of the process with criterion of moral conduct. It doesn’t matter whether it comes in a single rule or a set of
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