Normative Milestones : Personal, Social And Emotional Development

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Personal, Social and Emotional development are critical milestones that all children will reach and continue to expand on throughout their growth from childhood to early adolescence. The child’s milestones and achievements are compared against the normative milestones of a child based around a similar age. These Normative milestones often help to highlight when children are underperforming and when additional help is required to keep them as near to the recommended brackets as they can be in certain tasks. "Normative development" is viewed as events within a children’s development which often correlate towards the matching ages, ability or skills known as the 'milestones approach' (Cherry, K (2017)). Within a child’s average development these skills are categorised under four main subtopics 1) Physical Development; that included the large motor skills used for tasks such sitting, walking, and crawling. As well as the fine motor skills that are precise movements such as grasping and picking up smaller objects. 2) Cognitive Milestones that are based around the idea of problem-solving; such as being able to learn and understand the alphabet as well as learning how to react to different situations including the correlation that may be linked to changing facial expression. 3) Social and Emotional development is centred on the basis of being able to gain a better understanding of personal emotions and those of others. Social milestones also help to explain a child’s interactions

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