Normative vs Force Field Analysis Essay

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Normative vs. Force Field Analysis Kim Schnitzer August 21, 2011 AIU Online Abstract The following pages contain information provided in a memo to BARTH, Inc from Working Better Group. This information is in reference to different forms of collecting information and analyzing it to make changes within the organization. Introduction The following pages discuss the comparison between the normative model and force field analysis. They will also discuss WBG’s selection of which form of data collection is better for this type of situation and why. Also contained in this memo to Dr. Babcock is the process WBG recommends to create the descriptions of the values. Dr. Babcock, Below you will find a short but descriptive explanation…show more content…
We would like to add: What changes need to be made to fix these problems? By adding this question you allow input by the employees and give them the sense of playing a part in this transition. This helps cut some of the resistance to change when workers feel they had a part in making that decision. It is still our company’s recommendation to use the force field analysis approach when dealing with the situation within BARTH, Inc. Using the force field analysis process will help generate valid information for the reorganization of the company. This approach will allow input from employees who deal with these issues on a daily bases and can provide the best account on the method of how these departments should operate. By allowing the employees the chance to give their opinions on how to make the organization more efficient and productive will help reduce resistance to many of the changes made within the company. When employees feel they had a hand in those changes they are less likely to resist. When employees are given the chance to feel as though their thoughts and opinions matter they will take the initiative to contribute more to the company and take pride in what they do. Conclusion Our firm feels that using the force field analysis process will help in virtually every aspect when it comes to making changes within BARTH, Inc. Even though the normative model and force field analysis are somewhat similar, force field analysis relates more to what is going on
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