Norms Are Human Made Inventions Essay

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The norm is a human made invention. Being attracted to the same gender has always fabled many individuals. In the podcast three issues arose about the LGBTQ lifestyle to better humanize the issues we have to today by providing the listener a biological, theological, and the social stance in the reasoning of the LGBTQ in a story structured conversation. By individuals that that tried to stay true to their faith and sexual orientation, individuals to have more compassion for people than themselves, regardless of their sexual orientation, individuals that have honestly tried to change their perspective in their attractiveness to the same sex, and people that can't follow the word of god because they believe they are living a sinful life by their sexual orientation.
JJ Peterson is a Christian minister and has a master’s degree in theology. He knew he was gay and was afraid to demonstrate his sexual orientation due to fear of harm when he was young. JJ tried his best to follow his religious belief in hopes god would transform him to live in a non-sinful life he believed he was living, essentially he was living a lie, one that did not follow the norm. Ashamed of being gay, he hide himself from others. There came a point where JJ could no longer hide the truth. The shame eventually incremented for an extended amount of time which
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The podcast causes listeners to better humanize the LGBTQ issues we have today by providing the listeners with a biological, theological, and social stance with personal experiences and reasoning. It is important to open the community's eyes that not all people are straight and should not be treated differently based on their gender attractiveness to any gender, which as a result only causes pain. We are all humans and we should love one another, at the end of the day god loves everyone just the way they
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