Norms Are Social Expectations That Guide Our Behavior

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Norm Violations Paper Kameron Edwards Bakersfield College Norm Violations Paper As we know, norms are social expectations that guide our behavior. In this paper, I will discuss norm violations that I’ve observed, and my own personal norm violation that I committed. I will describe what happened, what was done, and the reactions of the people around when these norms begat. I will also discuss the significance of folkways, mores, values, and sanctions to my observations. There were two norms in which I observed. The first violation I spotted was a bit… out of the ordinary. One day, I decided to take a trip to the Marketplace on Ming with one of my buddies. All was seemingly normal until we stumbled upon a sight that shocked both of us. It was around 7:30 p.m. when we walked upon a pack of humans standing in a circle with their dogs. They were located where the suit stores and black tables are. As we first walked up, there seemed to be only a few dogs and a few humans. As we drew nearer, though, we found that there were at least 30 humans and 30 dogs. That was unbelievable. As we got within sight of the subjects, they all turned and looked at us at the same exact time. Both the human faction and the dogs simultaneously turned to us. My friend and I could not, at the time, decipher which party was in control, the humans or the dogs? My friend and I decided that this sight was… too much… so we decided to slowly walk away in a backward manner. Having
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