Norris Square Senior Center ( Nssc )

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Norris Square Senior Center (NSSC) was funded by PCA and Catholic Social Services. It is located at 2121-23 N. Howard St. Philadelphia, PA. 19122. This Senior Center offers multi-services such as congregate dining and Spanish, Creole and American meals cooked fresh on site. Recreational activities include Zumba, bingo, Pokeno, dominoes, billiards, arts & crafts and more. Professional services include legal aid, podiatry care, health screenings, education counseling and programs on spirituality. The volunteer program offers opportunities to give back to the community through advocacy work as well as aid in the daily function of center activities. For spiritual well-being, the center offers mass and worship services. Outings include trips to casinos, malls and local shopping centers. Eligible members receive subsidized para-transit rides or center van services when available. Counseling includes individual sessions, mental health group work, and peer support groups as well as therapeutic activities offered by the Alzheimer’s Association. Languages spoken by staff include Spanish and English, Mon. to Fri. 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. I am currently doing my internship at this senior center and it is based on the ten core competencies of Eastern’s B.S.W. Program. I am providing clerical and administrative support for efficient operation of the Norris Square Senior Center. I prepare source data for entries, store coding and other information in databases, and solicit feedback regarding

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